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What should I expect from Green Tones?

Green Tones is working tirelessly to create art and innovate the boundaries of contemporary a cappella. In order to do this, we require extensive rehearsals, and lots of independent study outside of rehearsal.

If accepted, plan to travel all over the country to compete and learn in festivals and showcases.

Expect to work passionately and efficiently.

Green Tones will become your favorite part of your college experience, and you will gain best friends for life.

When are rehearsals?

Rehearsals are:

Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00pm to 10:00pm. (subject to change due to schedule availability of 2019-2020 GT roster)

What does the audition consist of?

Sept. 7, we will be hosting an all day audition process (times & location TBA) consisting of multiple rounds that focus on different elements of voice and performance.

The rounds will be an elimination process; at the end of each round, those advancing to the next round will be notified.

Rounds will consist of:

  • Verse and chorus of any song of your choice: This segment should show off your range, musicality and any other vocal talents you may have.

  • Range test: The music director will play up and down the scales to determine your lowest and highest notes.

  • Pitch-matching: The music director will play a series of pitches that you will be asked to repeat.

  • Sight reading: The music director will prepare a short passage of sheet music for you to sight read aloud.

  • Interviews: Current members of the group will interview you to get a feel for your personality and goals.

  • Blending: We want to hear how you sound with us! No pressure, just seeing if you fit our current groups sound!

  • Choreography: The creative director will teach a short choreography piece to assess your dancing and performing abilities.

What if I'm a beatboxer/vocal percussionist?

If you're auditioning as a beatboxer/VP, you will be asked to beatbox along with a song to test your ability to keep tempo. After that, you will have one minute to freestyle. Show us what you've got!

I'm new to music. Should I still audition?
Absolutely! We've had many members with varying levels of music experience and the majority are not music majors. We encourage anyone to audition who loves to sing or beatbox, no matter how experienced.